Choosing cheap turned into paying double

One and done – we love getting something done well the first time around.


Many clients of ours like to get multiple quotes for painting – and we understand! It’s smart to see what options are out there, and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

For a recent client of ours who had shopped around, she chose the cheapest option she could get. Sadly, the finished job looked like (Leo’s description) “like a school student had rushed the job for some extra cash” and we ended up having to strip what was done, and start over – resulting in a double bill.

So when comparing quotes, we want to give you some quick tips on how to make the best choice, so you don’t need to re-paint for another 10 years (our guarantee).


1. Choose a Master Painter

The Master Painter badge is hard to get! It involves multiple site visits by many ‘eagle eyed’ professionals. Being a Master Painter comes with a 5 year guarantee on quality workmanship – however we personally have topped ours up to 10 years.


2. Careful review reading

Things to look out for when reading reviews is – communication, attention to detail and most importantly if they would use them again. It takes a lot to trust someone with your home and if someone is willing to re-use a service, it means they were really impressed.


3. Open communication and attention to detail

Notice if your painter is paying attention to little details that you may not have picked up on. They should be talking about painting longevity, and the process they will take to make sure the paint stays in good condition for years. It’s not always nice to hear if your windowsills are rotten and need replacing, or that your previous painter did a poor job. However, an honest first review of a house’s condition will always pay off in the long run.

4. Look for an association to a specific paint product

Here at Leo D Painters, we are associated with Resene. We are a registered Resene Eco-Decorator, and Resene regularly recommends us to their clients. Resene is a very well known and trusted brand, and that’s a reputation they are looking to keep. If a big brand is recommending a painter, that’s a good sign!


Leo D Painters offer free quotes and are always happy to give advice on upcoming painting work you’re planning. Feel free to contact us here – we’d love to hear from you.