DIY vs Professional

We’re here to answer a question that has become increasingly popular since the Block NZ coming on television.

What is the benefit of using a professional painter when I could just paint myself?

This is a pretty controversial question for us to be answering, especially considering our living is in house painting in Auckland! However, we saw this as an opportunity to demonstrate why we think our work can:

  • help you save money to spend on other projects
  • save you time to spend with your family
  • create longer lasting results – you won’t have to see us again for the same project for another 10 whole years.

Read on!

Will DIY save me money?

Possibly! Let’s have a look at the facts.

Resene Paints often have sales up to 25% off – how good! You can also register for a free DIY card which will take 5% off any sale.

However, there are a lot of other costs that come with painting. Equipment such as brushes, rollers, scaffolding, protective gear for clothing and furniture/carpet, painters tape, paint tray, sandpaper… the list goes on.

There is the cost of any mistakes, the cost of childcare so you don’t get small handprints on your walls (or anywhere else!), and potentially time off work to get it done in time for Christmas or other special events.

There’s also knowing how much paint to buy – too little means more trips to Resene (which equals time lost), and too much means money wasted. It also can be quite difficult to measure up a house without the right equipment.

Leo D Painters is eligible for trade price which is 30% off, which we pass 100% off the savings onto our customers.

We bring all our own equipment, and because we are reusing or bulk buying a lot of it, we can get it at cheaper prices for better quality tools.

Our director Leo oversees and checks every job, any mistakes that his ‘eagle eye’ picks up will be personally fixed by him.

We also have years of experience of knowing how much paint to buy for each job, and have special tools for measuring houses – we’ve measured up houses on cliffs, covered in branches, split level and more.

How important is preparation, and what needs to be prepared?

Every single day that we go on site visits, we see DIY painting that has failed due to lack of or incorrect preparation.

Preparation is so different for every house, which is why we always try to come and view a property before we quote, so we know how much time will be needed to prepare for painting.

A few common preparation problem areas we see are:

  • High sun exposed areas
  • Rotting weatherboards that need full replacement
  • Lack of correct primer for the surface or area
  • Too much/too little paint used on previous paint job
  • Rusting brackets
  • Problems on interior walls due to poor exterior painting (yes, this can happen!)
  • Stain used on damaged cedar
  • Ceiling cracks (very common)
  • Flaking paint (common on window sills)

These problems aren’t always obvious to the DIY painter and can require expensive tools to fix. They are problems that may not come up straight away, but can turn into years of headache. Our advice for the DIY painter – do your homework, take your time, and pay attention to little things, as they could turn into big things!

How do I know if I’m using the right product?

The right product is vital, and again the cause of a lot of DIY disasters we go out and fix!

When buying product from Resene, make sure you take note of the following:

  • Sun exposure
  • Condition of surface
  • Type of surface i.e: weatherboards, brick, plaster
  • Where in the house you are painting
  • Your surroundings i.e: beach, bush
  • New surface or previously painted/stained
  • Any joinery/fittings
  • Opposite surface i.e: does the wall back onto a shower/outside sun exposed brick wall

Information is power, and your paint will be a lot longer lasting if you pick the right paint.

Will DIY save me time?

The benefit of DIY means that you can work on your own clock, and do little bits at a time. However, being a family business ourselves, we know how precious time with family is, and is definitely something money can’t buy.

Painting is a skill – we are still learning even after 12 years in business! While we’re all for someone picking up a brush or roller and learning what we do, it also brings us just as much joy to transform homes for people whilst saving them money, time and most importantly – enjoyment of a transformed home!

A great way we have helped people save time/effort painting their Auckland home – with every full interior or exterior paint with us, we offer a free colour consultation with a leading Resene designer. This means less time umming and ahhing at colour charts, less guess work and less re-dos!

To conclude – we are loving the enthusiasm of DIY coming through in New Zealand, keep it up! However we encourage you to consider costs, take your time to prep, do your homework on products and think about the time needed.

Interested in a free quote if your DIY job isn’t going as planned? Contact us here.