The Power of Primer

One of the main reasons we are called to help fix DIY disasters is due to a lack of correct primer. We thought we’d write about this magic substance, the benefits and how it actually works.

Primer is almost like a glue – it helps paint stick to a surface, preventing it from chipping, flaking or cracking, especially when exposed to the elements or over time.

Primer protects the underlying material that is being painted as it stops the paint being absorbed, reducing the need for replacing materials later on. Perfect for surfaces that aren’t water resistant!

It also has great time saving and durability benefits such as:

  • Helping to create a more even and flawless finish
  • Makes surfaces easier to clean due to increased durability
  • Can help hide surface stains
  • Prevents mould growth as seals the surface from moisture
  • Reduces the number of paint coats required

At Resene, there is the option of waterbourne or Solventborne primers.

Waterbourne primer is easily thinned and cleaned up with water – great for when you’re cleaning your paint tools. It has lower levels of chemicals and smells a lot less potent than solventborne. It dries fast and is very durable (better resistance to mould and chalking).

Solventborne primer can only be thinned by other solvents such as turps. It needs to be handled with care as it is high in odour and flammable. It provides a harder finish than waterborne (good if the surface is regularly cleaned), however becomes brittle with age. It is easier to achieve a higher gloss level than waterborne equivalents and is more tolerant to weather (e.g: humity) while drying.

It is particularly important to use the right primer for each job – whilst primer has all these amazing benefits, if used in the incorrect way, none of these benefits will happen!

At Leo D Painters, we have vast experience with use of primer, and are always careful to use the right one for each job – this is the secret ingredient to our 10 year guarantee!

If you’re interested in having your place painted ensuring durable, long lasting and flawless finish, we’d love to chat – contact us here.